Create Student Portfolios and Class Sites with Google

Create Student Portfolios and Class Sites with Google


Inserting Gif's

  • Inserting Gif's is easy! Download the Gif you want to your computer. Insert the Gif as a photo!

Sites for Gifs:

Custom URL's

  1. Check for availability
    1. Go to
    2. Type in the domain name you want
    3. Choose the extension you want (.com / .net / .org / etc)
    4. Go to your cart to purchase.
    5. Register and pay for the domain.
    6. Verify the domain via the email you used during registration.
  2. Assign Your Domain
    1. Click the three dots to the left of the ‘Publish’ button
    2. Click ‘Custom URLs’
    3. Type the URL (ie)
    4. Tap outside of the box after it says “Custom URL assigned
  3. Point your Domain:
    1. DNS or Domain Name System is a system that points a domain name to physical IP (Internet Protocol) address
    2. Login to
    3. Click DNS
    4. Under ‘Custom resource records’ type www, choose CNAME in the dropdown menu, paste ‘’
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